Well, seriously it’s been a weird few months.

At home I now run ONE machine 24/7 which is a mac mini, makes a change from a multitude of quad xeons racking up the electricity bill, I must admit watching the meter go round and round is quite daunting. I must get to sell all my surplus hardware at some point before it becomes worthless.

I seem to be at a random stage in life, where I am de-cluttering, deleting old files I no longer/will never ever use and refreshing things, I think I need this for my own sanity more than anything? after all a minimal uncluttered life is a happy one apparently. Simple is the way forward, minimal wires/stress free setups. Apply this logic to the entire household and everything is good!

I really need to review my server hardware as I have lots and need to virtualise the remainder of my servers to put my green stamp on it.

At the moment it rather does feel like I am having a midlife crisis.

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