Gaming Server neglection – Steam gaming

My bad, I left it around 8 months before noticing my CSGO Server and my TF2 server were not being used. I have not played games so to speak for probably around 2 years now. I run these servers for fun, and allow others to have somewhere to play.

I noticed the reason these servers were offline was actually due to the fact they were servely outdated and were rejecting any client connections. Also for ‘public’ servers it appears a “token” is now required. Both my CS:GO and TF2 servers are now updated and once again fully functional – I have reset the statistics for HLstats.

The servers are at the following IP/Ports – CS:GO Server – TF2 Server

I really should make time to play games, maybe a great de-stressing tool perhaps?

Sadly HLSTATSX:CS appears to be EOL along with the old HLSW, rather sad.

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