Dell KVM / Avocent 2161 Java “Network connect error”

New years eve I spent a significant amount of time, trying to battle Java and the Dell KVM software, happy new year?

I tried multiple servers, different OS’s, different configurations, different browsers but no further, much swearing little I resolved it early hours this morning. The Error I saw every time was “Network connect error” for both viewing a SIP and utilizing the virtual media option.

Clearly this is due to Dell no longer supporting the older KVM/IP units which means new versions of Java with different cipher and levels of encryption attempts do not work as you expect.

I even tried older versions of Java 64 and 32 bit, along with 64 and 32 bit versions of Java and failed.

Steps to resolve

1) Install a version of java (ideally the latest version to avoid any flaws and holes from a security prospective.)

2) Open the Java settings from control panel

3) Ensure under the security tab “Enable Java Content in the browser” is ticked

4) Under the security tab, ensure you add the server IP or Hostname whichever you are using to access it is added as an exception (including HTTP or HTTPS whichever you are using)

5) Open the following in notepad assuming you are using windows - Program Files (x86) / Java / jre1.X.X.X / lib / security /

Remove the following line:

key jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms

Add the following line:

jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=SSLv3, EC, ECDHE, ECDH

Close the file and save – then close all browsers

6) Open a browser, ensure Java is enabled as an add on and this extremely annoying issue should be resolved.

7) Enjoy 😉


Well, seriously it’s been a weird few months.

At home I now run ONE machine 24/7 which is a mac mini, makes a change from a multitude of quad xeons racking up the electricity bill, I must admit watching the meter go round and round is quite daunting. I must get to sell all my surplus hardware at some point before it becomes worthless.

I seem to be at a random stage in life, where I am de-cluttering, deleting old files I no longer/will never ever use and refreshing things, I think I need this for my own sanity more than anything? after all a minimal uncluttered life is a happy one apparently. Simple is the way forward, minimal wires/stress free setups. Apply this logic to the entire household and everything is good!

I really need to review my server hardware as I have lots and need to virtualise the remainder of my servers to put my green stamp on it.

At the moment it rather does feel like I am having a midlife crisis.